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Postnatal Depression

Depression in pregnancy and the postnatal period has now become a major concern of all health care workers. Research has highlighted the benefits of early intervention to alleviate distress and to reduce the short and long-term consequences for mothers and their children.

The UK Department of Health has recognised the importance of mental health by setting standards in the National Service Framework for Mental Health. "All patients with a common mental health problem should have their needs assessed and be offered appropriate, effective interventions."

Many Primary Care Trusts are now addressing Postnatal Depression in their Health Improvement Plans. Improved maternal and child mental health are key objectives of the SureStart programs.

Our courses were developed from a research study at the University of Cambridge, UK that investigated the efficacy of different psychological treatments for postnatal depression.

The first 3 courses are commissioned by the client and delivered on the client site:

  • a 4-day course aimed at practitioners and providing skills-based training to identify depression and to treat it. Treatment is based on a planned, structured and focussed intervention using techniques derived from couselliong and cognitive behavioural theory.
  • a 2-day course covering detection of depression and basic interventions.
  • a 1-day workshop awareness raising, and detection, of perinatal mood disorders.
We also offer a residential course:
  • Trainers course. A 3-day course designed for for those responsible for training primary health care workers. This course is delivered at the campus of the University of Reading, UK. See the adjacent column for dates.
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Other courses can be tailored to meet to individual requirements.

Often abbreviated to "PND" — hence our name. The condition is known as Postpartum Depression or PPD in North America.

Course members: 13-15 September 2005
Reading Course members:
13-15 September 2005
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Residential course for trainers...

Our residential, three-day, course for trainers , is held at the campus of the University of Reading, UK.

The next course will run on:
13, 14 & 15 September 2005

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PND Training: Objectives & Requirements

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