Treating your body right

Loving your body is extremely necessary for today’s day and age. It is imperative to our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Most adults today have no time for personal care and love due to rigorous work schedules, social commitments, family time, and travel time. You must address the underlying factor joining all these aspects together

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Preparing for Jet lag on your flight to India

With 5 hrs and 30 mins ahead of the UK, travelling to India is more than likely going to give you the irritating brain-ache of jet-lag. You may be travelling there for business or leisure, but one thing you should remember if you’re working out in India is to bring your PAN card (oh, and

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Modafinil: The Smart Drug?

With students gearing up for exams in just a few months’ time, many are turning to so-called smart drugs to enhance their memory and cognitive performance. Modafinil is one such drug and is well- known by many students at top universities who use it to help them get through the challenging exam period. But Modafinil

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