With 5 hrs and 30 mins ahead of the UK, travelling to India is more than likely going to give you the irritating brain-ache of jet-lag. You may be travelling there for business or leisure, but one thing you should remember if you’re working out in India is to bring your PAN card (oh, and your passport).

It will save you hugely from an added headache of forgetfulness, so all you’ll have to deal with is the jet-lag.

Here’s some top tips on how to prepare for the inevitable.

Before your flight

Before you even jump on that plane, or personal jet for those of you who are ridiculously fortunate, figure out the time zone you’ll be landing in. Once you’ve worked this out you can prepare your body for the change in sleep pattern.

Book your flight to land in the evening and don’t go to sleep until it’s at least 10pm in India. This allows your body time to either get tired and ready for bed or keep awake doing things like having dinner before bedtime.

P.S You can work out the optimal times for you to carry out these tips, using a jet-lag advisor calculator.

On your flight

Drink enough water! This can’t be stressed enough, being dehydrated will make your jet-lag a million times worse. Also, don’t drink any caffeine or alcohol after at least 4 hours before you’re expecting to go to sleep in India.

On your arrival

Yay! You’ve made it to India, now here comes the jet-lag. Whatever you do, don’t scoff your face with a heavy, big meal before it’s nearing to bedtime.

Additionally, don’t exercise too much because your body will be shattered.

One last tip is, to make sure you get plenty of sunlight and soak up all those lovely rays. This will allow your body to realise that you’re in a different time-zone and that means sleeping at a time completely different from usual.

Last but not least, when you feel exhausted give yourself time to recuperate and refresh. Pushing your body too hard won’t benefit you in the slightest. Good luck trying to prepare for jet-lag on your flight to India.